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The Bulk Edit module upgrade the native 'Bulk' edit function to a more "bulky" way. This way you are able to edit entries within one single "publish" page. With the Bulk Edit module you are also able to select one or more fields for updating.

At the moment there are a limited field supported, please check the compatibility page. if your fieldtype is supported. If not, you can ask the developer of the fieldtype to make it compatible with Bulk Edit module because there is a Field API for this.





Make sure your system meets the minimum requirements:

Installation Instructions

Update instructions

How it works

The Bulk Edit module is just a replacement for the native "Bulk" edit function. Just like the native function you get an option beneath your entries

The power of the Bulk Edit module is in the field and in the way how it handle the entries. For example; in the native way of editing you have to select for each field the updated value, but with the Bulk Edit enabled you can update all the field at once. Also there is support for more fields and there is a whole field APIto add support for third party.

In the screen recording below you see how the Bulk Edit module works.

Field API

The Bulk Edit module provide a set of API methods to make your fieldtype compatible. In order to develop such funtionality, you have to create a fieldtype first. When you`re done, you can add some of the following functions below.

You will mostly need the bulk_edit_save, bulk_edit_post_save, bulk_edit_validate and bulk_edit_display_field .

Note: the bulk_edit_save and bulk_edit_display_field are required in order to work with the Bulk Edit module.

In the bulk_edit_save function you can structure your data before saving to the database. The bulk_edit_validate will be your validate function which called before the bulk_edit_save function. On false, the data will not be processed and return an error instead. The bulk_edit_display_field can be used to show your field on the Edit screen.

API Reference

Below are the Tag Parameters. Those parameters can be used in the tag described above


The field identifier (unique for the current content type).

$this->id = 0;

field_ id

The field identifier (unique for the current content type).

$this->field_id = 0;


The field name, used for the tag names.

$this->name = '';

field_ name

The field name, used for the tag names.

$this->field_name = '';


The unique id of the parent content that contains this field. Not available in install, settings, or other non-content environments.

$this->content_id = 0;


The content type

$this->content_type = 'channel';


The field settings array

$this->settings = array();


This is identical to the native display_field()

public function bulk_edit_display_field($data = null) 



This is identical to the native save()

public function bulk_edit_save($data = null) 



This is identical to the native post_save()

public function bulk_edit_post_save($data = null) 



This is identical to the native validate()

public function bulk_edit_validate($data = null) 


Compatible Fieldtypes

The following Fieldtypes are compatible with the Bulk Edit module

EE native fields

EE native Field Types

Third Party Fieldtypes



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