Iconfont is a special fieldtype where you can add icons from a font to your Entry Fields. When selected a fonticon, it saves the classes and can be placed on the frontend as default.

Control panel overview

Control panel overview

Control panel overview

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License field

This module is using a license field to check if the license for the module is valid or not. On addons.reinos.nl you can check your license and add your valid domains.

Control panel overview

In the Module CP you can enter then your license Control panel overview

When you enter a wrong license, the module will not work and it shows you an warning Control panel overview

On a local environment, like *.dev *.local *.localhost *.test the license will be valid for the testing and building new sites.


template Example (fontawesome)

{exp:channel:entries channel="font_awesome"} your icon {/exp:channel:entries}


1.0.0 (00-00-2019)