Email Template

With the Email Template you can style all your email traffic with a nice custom HTML template

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Make sure your system meets the minimum requirements:

Installation Instructions**

  1. Upload ee2/system/third_party/email_template to system/expressionengine/third_party/
  2. Install the module in Add-Ons → Modules


For every paid addon you need to validate your license in order to activate the module.

On a local environment, like *.dev *.local *.localhost *.test the license is valid for testing and building a new or existing sites. For every other domain, you need to have a valid license.

Process of validating

Once installed, you will asked to enter your license key. When you entered a valid license you can hit the "Save license" button. This will start validating your license and will redirect you to to login into your account. You can also register a new account in this process.

Control panel overview

Once logged in, you are asked to use your current account or to login with another one.

Control panel overview

Using the current logged in account, the server will check all info related to your license and once valid, it will redirect you back to your site where you see either a success message or an error message.

Control panel overview

License field

This module is using a license field to check if the license for the module is valid or not. On you can check your license and add your valid domains.

Control panel overview

In the Module CP you can enter then your license Control panel overview

When you enter a wrong license, the module will not work and it shows you an warning Control panel overview

Invalid license

Sometimes it happens that the license system says you have an invalid license. When this happens, make sure you have entered your domain url in your account, next to your license on

If this will not fix your license problem, please contact us on

How it works

The Email template module is intend to style all your emails that comes from EE. But to fully understand the way of going underground and where there could be a possible error you see below what the module do step by step


On the settings page of the module you can add your html template.

Settings Description
Force HTML Force every email to HTML
NL2BR Add new line to break (nl2br) on all emails
Log enable Enable email logging
CRLF Set the CRLF (line ending)
Reply To Set a new default Reply To
BCC Extend the BCC list
Template This is the actual template. Just paste your html code here and place {body} and {subject} variable here


The Email Template module has a couple of special variables to use.

Tag Variable

Below are the Tag Variables. Those Variables can be used in the tag described above


This is the actual body that comes from the template



This is the subject of the email



This variable will ensure that the template will not be handled by the Email Template module. This becomes handy if you use for example Firemail to send email campaigns.



4.2.3 (03-05-2023)

4.2.2 (24-02-2022)

4.2.1 (29-12-2020)

4.2.0 (02-012-2020)

4.1.1 (05-08-2020)

4.1.0 (13-10-2019)

4.0.1 (29-07-2019)

4.0.0 (27-06-2019)

*Note: There is a change you will have to validate the license again

\Note:** Because the module has been renamed with a prefix reinos_ there is an update path by simply add the new update to your site and install it. By installing the module, you are disabling the old module that can be deleted afterward. Also note that you have to rename the module calls and hooks with a prefix reinos_

See this article about the rename

3.2.0 (19-12-2018)

3.1.1 (08-06-2018)

3.1.0 (25-04-2018)

*Note: you need to add your license key and license email from in order to validate your license and add a valid domain url in your license field on or the module will not work on a live site. Also make sure you have read the license section in the documentation

3.0.0 (04-12-2017)

2.0.1 (09-11-2017)